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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  September 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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areas of showers moving through from the northwest down toward the southeast. a little area of rain right now around prince william county and fredericksburg. that will be passing into southern prince george's county and northern charles county over the next couple of minutes. then throughout the day an increased threat of rain for us. 8:00 a.m., mostly cloudy. a few scattered showers. light showers around the area. 71 to 77 degrees. better chances we get into the noon hour. again, humid, warm, 76 to 81 degrees. and then for this afternoon, 5:00, mostly cloudy. showers, and thunderstorms. some of them, again, will be heavy. just like yesterday. getting the downpours that will lead to a lot of rain in a short period of time. 76 to 82 degrees by then. know that with any of these storms, again, we'll get that heavy rain. we can see a half to over an inch of rain in some spots today. especially up around montgomery, loudoun county, areas north and west. mike, what's going on on area roads right now? >> veronica, federal holiday so
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lighter than usual delays on the interstates. hov restrictions have been lifted on all the major interstates with the exception of route 50 in maryland. taking a look right now at the i understand comment virginia, mt. zepher street, vehicle far. no series worries on 95 and the vw parkway. 197. here we are, 95 at 216. no serious delays. live look. ten minutes ride from there to the beltway at 59 miles an hour. this morning residents in bloomingdale are cleaning up after yet another flood. megan mcgrath is live there with a look at the damage for us. good morning, megan. >> good morning. it has become an all too familiar problem in this neighborhood. they have flooded four times in the last several weeks. we're here along rhode island avenue at first street. this is one of the trouble spots here down at the bottom of the hill. this is a low spot. they have been flooding. every time we get a severe storm in the area, the water has just
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not been able to drain properly into the storm system. the storm drains here. it all backs up in a whole area ends up under water. take a look at this video shot yesterday. they actually had a situation where they had to rescue a person who got caught up in the flood waters. fire departments, fire crews had to come to the scene with a boat and actually get him out of the flood waters. there were a number of cars that were parked here along rhode island avenue. that the got swamped. others stalled while trying to drive through the area. it was just an absolute mess as this rain came pouring down on a very short period of time. and simply had nowhere to go. and folks in this area, some of them had been flooded four times in the last couple of weeks. residents who live hearsay this is a real mess yesterday. >> prior times, the water would come up and then go down within a short period of time. the water was sitting here for like over an hour before it receded back into the sewer system. that's not very good. >> so what's going on? that's what a lot of people who
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live in this area want to know. while an official with d.c. water says that it is not a situation involving storm drains that are clogged, they say it's just the amount of rain that has fallen in such a shoft period of time. they do have a task force. they're looking into the situation because, again, this has happened repeatedly over the last several weeks. they're looking at possible solutions to make thur that it doesn't happen again. as you would imagine, residents who live in this neighborhood, folks who have had to pull all their things out of their basements and clean time and time again are getting sick of this situation. we have rain still in the forecast. no doubt a lot of nervous people in this area. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news4. back to you guys in the studio pmts. the heavy rain caused flooding on the tracks at the shaw howard metro station. they closed the station to drain the water. all train service between george avenue and mt. vernon square is suspended. metro says the stations will not reopen until 7:00 this morning. now, as hurricane isaac
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leaves the gulf coast region, president obama will get an up close look at the devastation. he will travel to louisiana today to meet with officials. last week he declared federal emergencies in parts of the emergency including the region and mississippi. he wanted to speed up federal aid. janet napolitano and gop presidential candidate mitt romney have also visited the area in the past few days. and even though isaac is long gone, its impact is still being felt for millions across the gulf coast. the storms are responsible for at least seven deaths in the region. hundreds of thousands are still without power, including more than 200,000 in louisiana. on top of all of this damage the army corps of engineers is looking at whether the levees installed after hurricane katrina caused flooding in other areas. >> going to put this system up, which is a good thing. it's a good thing. it stopped the city from flooding. it's a good thing.
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we're not going to worry about where we're pushing the water. >> it would have reduced flooding in other places. >> well, the corps of engineers said it will run a variety of computer models to figure out if the new levees caused problems in other areas of the state. don't expect to see much of mitt romney this week. the republican presidential nominee plans on spending much of the week in private preparing for the debates. he will hold several sessions in vermont. he played obama during john mccain's debate preparations four years ago. meanwhile, michelle obama will arrive in charlotte today. the first lady is scheduled to speak tomorrow night at the convention. she's expected to speak wednesday to the african-american and hispanic caucuses and attend 100 chon that honors elected officials who are gay, lesbian, or transgendered. virginia delegates are
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getting the royal treatment. they have prime seats on the floor of the time warner arena for the event. it's just another reminder of how crucial the exxcommon wealts this election year. >> we are key battleground states so we can receive aggregate deal of t attention. >> delegates from the district and maryland, both heavily democratic, aren't so lucky. their seats are in the back of the arena. the time is 5:06. new concerns about the spread aft west nile virus. forget the coffee, the new energy drink one fast food chain is rolling out to help you get going in the morning. plus, the unexpected discovery that washed out some people's holiday beach plans. a bit of a break from the downpours but your holiday plans can still get soaked.
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taco bell is once again thinking outside the box when it comes to food. a new drink that is sure to wake you up in the morning. it's a mix of mountain dew soda and orange juice called mountain dew a.m. where it will be decembered before becoming a mainstay at the fast food restaurant. i don't think it's bad. >> producer ben was in my ear saying i really want one of
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those. >> quae. it will be grate. get some all around. >> at this hour i think we're willing to drink anything on some days just to get going. >> yeah. >> i know you like the dorito tacos. maybe you can do the dorito taco with the o.j. and mountain dew. >> i liked them so much i tweeted them and said, thank you. thank you for making the dorito taco. we'll have the gave the mountain dew a dry. absolutely. i think we've got to send someone to the storm to get us within of those. i'm game with you guys. we are looking at cloud cover across the area. it's going to be another warm and sticky day. if you've got any barbee cues planned, outdoor plans today, like yesterday, heavy storms coming through. 75 degrees in berly farms right there in the center. largo is at 72. springfield, virginia, coming in currently at 73 degrees. your hometown forecast for springfield, virginia, you can see cloud cover at 7:00 a.m. 7 3. we've got showers and storms
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coming up by lunchtime today and continuing through the afternoon. 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, still some showers and storms around. we drop into the 70s by 7:00 p.m. a look at your four-day forecast here. today's high, 83. 84 degrees. 85 on tuesday. 86 on wednesday. the next three days will be very humid which still those tropical rains around our area. we've got a 60% chance of showers and storms for today. we up to 70 chance for tuesday. 80% chance for wednesday. it's not until thursday when i think that dryer air will be moving in and we will get a little bit of heat, too, at the end of the week. area roads probably still quiet. >> holiday today. hov restrictions lift we'd the exception of route 50 in maryland. still the problem in mount vernon. mt. zephar street. vehicle fire. no problems in maryland. looking good outside and inside
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the beltway. live look here at 50 at 202. no serious problems. six-minute ride heading west from the westbound. keep in mind because the holiday metro running on sunday schedule. no marc rail or vre service today. richard, angie? >> thank you. the time is 5:12. the so-called blade runner who made headlines during the olympics back in the news. he is calling foul over a fellow competitor's race. someone going above ant
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we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ we're following breaking news in pakistan. awe side bombing killed five people and injured four
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including two americans. the attack happened in the northwest city of peshawar. police say a car filled with explosives crashed into a u.s. government vehicle early this mrping. no americans were killed in the attack but two americans who work at the u.s. consulate were seriously injured. no terrorist group has come forward yet to claim responsibility for the bombing. the founder of the unification church has passed away. korean evangelist sun myung moon died. he founded new shaerch in 1970s and thought of himself as the new messiah. the church is probably best known for holding mass weddings. moon was the founder of the washington times newspaper. the officials for the unification church say moon died from pneumonia. a child is dead and another is in critical condition this morning. both stabbed in their new jersey home over night. the child who died is a 6-year-old boy. his 12-year-old sister is in critical sister. the children's throats were slashed. 2345i bors say the children's
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mother recently had a dispute with a man in their neighborhood. they're search for a suspect. we're learning more about the pilot killed during iowa's quad city air show. glen smith was flying in formation saturday when he failed to make a turn and then crashed. smith was the newest member of the hopper flight team but pilots said he had 25 years of flight experience. hundreds of spectators were watching when that plane went down. no one in the crowd was hurt. the national transportation safety board is investigating the crash. several building at a historical hotel in oregon have burned to the ground. 200 firefighters were called out to battle this five alarm fire. investigators will spend the day sifting through the ashes for any clues. firefighters say it could take a week though to determine the cause of the fire. massive wildfires forced thousands of people to evacuate from california's angeles national forest. officials say a fire started
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near a camp ground yesterday afternoon and it quickly grew to more than 3600 acres. about 300 firefighters. >> reporter: battling the wildfires using water dropping helicopters to try to knock down that blaze. fire investigators are still looking into what started that wildfire. a discovery on the shores of rhode island has beach necessary that area closed this labor dade weekend. a local fisherman found the remains of a 13-foot great white shark that washed ashore. marine scientists say great whites are rarely seen in that area. the local beach manager thinks that the shark got caught in a fisherman's net and then washed on to the beach after it died. beaches in the area will remain closed for now. health department officials in ohio are the first me con virm a death in the u.s. associated with a new swine flu strain. officials say a 61-year-old woman in madison county passed away last week. that's near columbus, ohio. the woman's name has not been released. we are told she may have contracted the disease after having contact with hogs at a
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county fair. officials say she had other underlining health issues but they believe swine flu contributed to her death. the cdc says this could be the worst year on record for west nile virus. nearly 1600 infections have been reported and 66 deaths. that's up 40% from last week. every state except alaska and a what way has seen an outbreak. the hardest hit is texas. it has nearly half of the infections of officials from coast to coast are spraying inse insectici d es to prevent the disease. >> the fact that we've got so many cases does not bode well. >> experts say you can try a few home remedies to keep from getting west nile. they recommend following the four ds, dressing in long sleeves and pants, staying indoors at dusk and dawn, using deet bug repellant, and draining
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pools or puddles with warm water. those are breeding grounds for infected mosquitos. there's a new article that claims a church of scientology led an extensive search to get tom cruise a wife. the magazine claims actresses who were scientology members were called in to audition to date cruise in 2004 before he started dating katie holmes. the article claims the wife of scientology head arranged the dates. a spokesperson sfort church of scientology says the story is not true. they both declined to do an"va. the u.s. coast guard said they rescued him after kayaking on the long island sound on saturday. the pair apparently got lost when the sun went down. the coast guard helped crow and his friend make it to hunting on the bay and then crowe tweeted out he wasn't lost, he just ran
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out of daylight. he's currently in long island filming a movie. what's up with you guys? you can never admit that you're lost. you can never ask for directions. >> not a good excuse. he's trying to cover it up. he's trying to save face. is time is 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the ones. let's check in with veronica johnson, she's laughing, too. >> i'm trying to think of how i can use that line, just ran out of daylight. what what are you going to do today? sheryl just tweeted me, absolutely nothing today. i like that. this is the flooding. we showed this picture yesterday. h is from whag in hagerstown, maryland. this is in berkeley springs, virginia. the water is up at least to the tires. a lot of heavy rain coming down in parts of the area. if you've got any weather pictures, any nature pictures you want to send in, vjohnson 
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nbc4. that's my handle. temperature right now is at 75 degrees. we've got a mostly cloudy sky. when the sun comes up, it's going to look like yesterday. hazy. plenty sticky, too. high humidity around the area. we do have some morning showers right now. early morning showers, what quantico, right along i-95. some more showers out around allen fresh. leonard town and st. mary's. you can see the bigger rain west, coming into west virginia with that spin, too. counter clock wise, area of low pressure. that is, in fact, what's left of isaac. yeah. hurricane isaac indeed. so so much showers and some thunderstorms moving through today. we stop it here at 4:15 in the afternoon to show you that lit be wet throughout the area. overnight period early tomorrow morning. more showers coming through. it's locking wet for you yet again tomorrow morning and for tomorrow afternoon we do it all over again. on wednesday.
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so today, heavier rains coming into montgomery county and loudoun county. forecast for this afternoon, your high, 80 to 84 degrees. that rain could be heavy at times. we're not talking about raining throughout the entire day. but occasional showers with some embedded thunderstorms. and those areas that flood so easily, they could do it all over again today. 72 to 77 degrees. here's a look at your four-day forecast and your seven-day forecast. we're dry for thursday and friday, but back to wet weather saturday and sunday. hopefully this morning's wet weather isn't leading to any road delays. mike? >> well, thank you, veronica. not too bad out there. looking great on the interstates. labor day, that means a lot fewer cars on the road. hov restrictions lifted with the except of route 50. look at the bridges. no serious problems on the woodrow wilson bridge. looking great on the american legion bridge. no serious problems in the district. richard, angie? >> thank you, mike.
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oscar pistorius known as blade runner said he lost the race because competitor had an unfair advantage. pistorius lost his first ever in the pair lks. but he said the man who beat him had longer blades than what was allowed. the committee responded saying the blade regulations come from a formula based on the height of the athlete. he also competed in the 2012 summer olympics. it was a wild race at the second annual grand prix of baltimore. the race featured some of the best drivers in the izod indhi qar series. ray hunter ray -- ryan hunter ray took over the lead at the last second. he was able to pull away and took home the title. you only have one more chance to see steven strasburg on the mound in person this season. the nationals say the star pitcher will make just two more starts. he will pitch friday night at home against the marlins and september 12th in new york against the mets. the nats have been the talk of the baseball world in recent
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weeks because of their decision to shut down strassberg earlier this year. strassberg says he isn't paying attention to all the controversy. no, i'm just focused on the next start. you know, that's all i can really focus on right now. but, you know, we're going to have to have, you know, sit down and talk here soon. strassberg leads the national league in strikeouts. he pitched 156 1/3 innings. strassberg was the star yesterday clearly. he did not allow any runs and struck out nine hitters in sixth innings as the nationals beat the cardinals, 4-3. strassberg had come out of the game and didn't earn the "w" but the victory was the nats '81st in the stn. one more than they won last year. swing high, go to right center. and the braves have won it! >> the nationals couldn't extend
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their first place lead over the braves because of that right there. chipper jones hit a three-run walkoff home run to lead atlanta to an 8-7 win over the phillies yesterday if braves scored five runs in the ninth inning. the nats still lead them by 6 1/2 games in the national league east. 5:26. >> coming up next, clint eastwood called him out. now hear what president obama is saying about the actor at his speech at the republican national convention. growing frustrations in one d.c. neighborhood after heavy rains leave the streets under water. this system to the west could put a damper on your holiday plans. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes...
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where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now. president obama is visiting the gulf coast to get a firsthand look at the damage left behind by hurricane isaac. >> at least five people are dead in pakistan and several others hurt after a twist attack targeting americans in that country. virginia's delegation will get a front row seat at the dem national convention. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning. good morning. thank you for joining us.
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angie goff in for eun yang. >> i'm richard jordan in for aaron gilchrist. welcome to "news4 today" on this monday, september 3rd. this morning residents in bloming dale are cleaning up after another flood. news4 was there as they rescued a man trapped in his car in a flash flood along rhode island avenue last night. the heavy rain flooded several streets and because basements. submerged cars were towed away. the heavy rain caused flooding on the tracks as well at the shaw howard metro station. metro closed the station to drain that water. all train service between georgia avenue and mt. vernon square is suspended. metro says that the station will not reopen until 7:00 this morning. so not only did that take a lot of drivers -- you're right about that. >> bloomingdale will have a new reason to worry that they will not get flooding? >> i was going say that. the next three days, potential for to see more flash flooding.
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it is very unfortunate. remnants that are coming to your area. we also have a weather front. so very humid air. very tropical air today. 72. i have aen that at 73. kensington, maryland. you're currently at 72 degrees this morning. showers showing up on storm team4 radar. quantico west of quantico. prince william county shifting off to the east. area of showers will move toward 301, toward waldorf, into charles county over the next couple of minutes. by noontime today. it will max out after that at about 83, 84 degrees. for the afternoon and evening
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hours we could see more drenching storms around the area. enjoy this labor day where they could have the showers and storms coming true that could delay some of the outdoor plans. heemd again, stormy at times with the high temperature of 83 degrees. over the next couple of days, too, it's still going to be plenty stormy and muhammed. 85 on tuesday. 86 degrees expected on wednesday. your thursday right now, 88 degrees for a high temperature with partly sunny sky. it is on thursday when i expect us to start drying out. but again, wet labor day for us and starting to the workweek. at the end of the week on friday, partly sunny. high of 89 degrees. showers and storms coming our way yet again next weekend. so, you know, we've been a little on the dry side, believe it or not, in many locations area wide. we're about 25% below normal on rainfall. and we certainly have some coming up. let's hit the roads now and see
5:33 am
what's going on with traffic. >> thank you, veronica. it's labor day so each of your restrictions have been lifted with the exception of route 50 in maryland. looking good on all of the major interstates. here we are at 66 and glebe road. no serious problems. more good news on mt. vernon and mt. zephar street. democrats are heading to charlotte ahead of the democratic national convention. we talked with from a what all last week and now we're going to check in with nbc's tracie potts in charlotte. good morning, tracie were good morning, everyone from charlotte and from the bank of ameristadi where the president will speak on thursday. first, he's got a aggressive schedule before heading here. the president goes to louisiana today to meet with storm victims. he will also be in ohio earlier in the day at the annual labor day picnic.
5:34 am
on sunday he was in colorado. as you said, he's got some tough talk for republicans are sponding to some of the claims than made in their convention. but the president told swing state voters in colorado that the republicans' ideas won't work. >> he did not offer a single new idea. >> it was just restraeds of the same old policies we've been hearing for decades. >> back here in charlotte, of course, the focus will be the democratic convention, but guess what, the republicans are got a mini convention set up here, too, just outside the perimeter. they've got ant 50 people. they're going to have daily briefings. speakers every night. hoping to get attention and draw some attention away from what the democrats are doing here in charlotte. we are live in charlotte. i'm tracie potts, news4. angie? >> thanks, tracie. president obama may not be
5:35 am
interested in seeing any of clint eastwood's future political speeches but he will still see his movies. he says he's still a huge fan of eastwood despite his speech. obama called eastwood a great actor and an even better director. our own jim vance and tom sherwood are in charlotte for the democratic national convention. they will be live on news4 all week. paul ryan may be looking to steal some of the thunder from democrats ahead of their convention. the republican vice presidential nominee will campaign today in greenville, north carolina. that's about 250 miles from charlotte. vice president joe biden had planned on campaigning in tampa during the start of the gop convention. he canceled his plans, though, because of hurricane isaac. biden is issuing a new warning about mitt romney. he says the republican presidential nominee is ready to go to war in syria and iran. the vice president made that comment yesterday in
5:36 am
pennsylvania. he says romney prefers policies that favor confrontation over cooperation. romney had said he would consider military action if syria's chemical reactions were at risk of falling into the wrong hands. president obama has made similar comments. a local navy s.e.a.l. killed in afghanistan will be honored today. petty officer first class patrick of edge water, maryland, died in a black helicopter crash last month. this morning family and friends are asking for residents to line solomon's island road with flags as his body travels to the found ral home. a viewing will be held tomorrow. police are investigating a drowning death in durwood. it happened yesterday morning along meadewood home. his wife found him at the bottom of the backyard swimming pool. her daughter called 911 as she tried to get him out of the pool and perform cpr. emergency crews htook him to a
5:37 am
nearby hospital where he died a short time later. the worst of hurricane isaac is gone but drivers are paying the price for it this labor day weekend. labor day is all about the barbecue, but here's one that you could leave you with a bad case of heartburn. a bit of a break for some parts from the rain, but don't get too used to it. meteorologist veronica johnson has your soggy holiday forecast, next with weathe
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you."
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now, that's progressive. call or click today. the man known as jaws has broken yet another world eating record. joey chestnut wolfed down 191 buffalo chicken wings in 12 minutes. beating the old record by eight wings. chestnut beat out alexandria, virginia's, own black widow thomas. it's all part of the national buffalo wing festival in where else, buffalo, new york. it's been a good year for chestnut. he took home his sixth straight nathan's hot dog eating title earlier this year. >> they're covered in sauce. >> i know. i know. you said that they might be boneless. >> i'm guessing. you can scarf those down in 12 minutes, almost 200 of them. >> throat of steel. >> you've got to be careful if the bone was still in there. dangerous. veronica johnson is standing
5:41 am
by with the wet forecast. >> i don't think they're boneless. i think the bone is in them. they're just that fast. >> wow. speaking of fast, we've got some quickly moving showers making their way off to the east right around areas of prince william county at around charles county. quantico, a little wet, too. uh-huh. all that, again, moving toward 301. temperatures this morning it's obamaia out there with that high humidity. columbia heights currently at 75 degrees. high in prince george's county. 72. to the north, 72 degrees with temperature, showers, showers and storms. but for the afternoon, 1:00, 2:00, right on through the afternoon and into the evening. 5:00, 73 degrees. we're going to touch in the low
5:42 am
mid 80s for a brief period today. extensive cloud cover with showers and storms and any of those stores like yesterday could lead to downpours. perhaps some isolated flooding, too. notice tuesday and wednesday, more wet weather. in fact, with the remnants of isaac it could be fairly wet around here on wednesday. heads up over the next couple of days. hey, what are you doing today, mike, after you leave work? >> that is a good question. probably just relaxing, enjoying labor day and not -- enjoying no traffic right now on the interstates. no serious problems to report. hov restrictions have been lift we'd the exception of route 50 in maryland and let's take a look at a problem we're dealing with in maryland right now. waterloo road is closed between oceano avenue with a vehicle fire. looking good on the dulles toll road as you are heading to the beltway. live look. here we are at sunset hills. seven-minute drive from hunter mill road to the beltway. it is labor day. federal holiday. metro rail, metro bus.
5:43 am
no marc service or vre service today at all because of the federal holiday. richard, angie, back to you. 5:42. you can't say we haven't warned you. why you're going to want to watch your speed the next time you're driving in the district. and why you may have a tough time enjoying
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the civil war rages on the syria. they blew apart of the headquarters in damascus. they killed 25 men yesterday in a coordinated strike of an opposition village. rebels say president bashar al-assad has turned to bulldozing neighborhood where's insurgents are living. the u.n. security council is still lobbying russia and china to intervene but both seem reluctant to enter the war-torn country. the violence if syria fronted a demonstration in front of the white house. they gathered across from 1600 pennsylvania avenue yesterday. they said that while political
5:47 am
and economic sanctions against president them are good president obama needs to show he's serious about stopping the civil war. >> we're asking our president to send the same warning in a different language. he tell bashars a sad if he does nont stop the strikes, probably intervene. that's the right message to be sent to bashar assad. the u.s. military has stropd training afghan police officers in the wake of several deadly attacks by afghan soldiers and police on their international allies. the u.s. says it's suspending the training until it can revet the 16,000 police recruits. the military will continue training the afghan army. 45 allied officers have been killed and 34 insider attacks this year alone. the army has been infrill traited in more than half of the attacks. one person behind bars this morning accused of stabbing a man to death. around 1:00 a.m. yesterday d.c. police were called out to the
5:48 am
1200 block of delaware avenue southwest. that's just a few blocks from nats park. officers found a man stabbed in the chest. taxicab to the hospital but died in from his injuries. police have not yet released the name of either the suspect or the victim in the case. this morning we are getting a look t the surveillance video that led to assault charges for prince george's county officer. the footage was taken from a store in brentwood, maryland. it shows an officer striking a man with his gun and you saw that flash right there. that's the gun actually going off. because of this video, corporal donald taylor was charge with second degree assault last month. police say taylor lied about february incident. he claimed the man trying to rob a nearby gas station attempted to take his gun. that suspect, 19-year-old ryan dorn, spent four months in jail until prosecutors dropped the charges. >> the video contradict what's the officer originally wrote in his charging documents. what it shows is that my client
5:49 am
didn't lie. they put up my client as a criminal, put his face on television and said he committed these crimes and he didn't. >> his lawyer have filed a $10 million lawsuit against the police department and corporal taylor. still need to keep a close eye on your speedometer a little closer. tickets will set you back between $75 and $250. it all depends on how fast you're going if the speekd cameras have generated more than $56 million in this city alone but the cameras are more about keeping the roads safe. vincent gray's former aide will find out tomorrow whether or not he will go to prison. moore pleaded guilty this year. he faces 12 to 18 months in prison. the mayor hasn't been accused of
5:50 am
breaking the law at this point. for many labor day is not just a time to enjoy the last days of summer, it's also a time remember those who bravely fought for our country in world war ii. a ceremony was held yesterday on the national mall. it was held to commemorate the 67th anniversary of v-j day, the day the allies defeated japan in 1945. the event included a wreath laying ceremony and also a performance from the u.s. marine corps brass quartet. ♪ and the wet weather could not stop the annual labor day concert. the concert was moved inside the eisenhower theater at the kennedy center. officials made the decision early yesterday because of the threat of bad weather. thankfully it did not impact the crowds. the national symphony orchestra played to an almost packed house. impressive show. >> much more comfortable inside than outside.
5:51 am
>> right. it's not just the rain. it's the humidity. you know? we couldn't see temperatures in the 90s but, you know, maybe 80s. >> sticky and muggy. >> you want to be comfortable, right? >> exactly. >> if you're going to be doing anything outdoors today. pack the umbrella. kids, family. make sure it's the big umbrella. you know, golf umbrella. we want to keep everybody dry. 75, our temperature right now. there's the humidity we're talking about. it's in 80s. 87% with a dew point temperature at 71. 75 over 71, that is not good. and the wind light at just three miles per hour. the big rains that we've been telling you about, take a look behind me because this is over the weekend where there was more than six inches of rain that fell around berkeley springs, vest west virginia. more than two inches. prince william county, areas around loudoun county. there could be more rain, heavy rain right up here today. i think into montgomery county and even around d.c. two inches, more than two inches fell south of d.c.
5:52 am
over toward salisbury, maryland. they had more than six inches of rain, too. if you see weather happening tweet me. vjohnsonnbc4. we're talking about this morning, how are you going to spend your labor day. tweet me that and we will talk about it. a lot of folks saying absolutely nothing. there's rain. watching down south. light showers and quantico. south of wood bridge. these have been kind of dying out. making their way off to the east and northeast, waldorf maryland. clinton, if that holds together. light showers occurring right now. but again, showers occasional showers throughout the day. that's what's expected. and then thunderstorms and heavier rain coming our way for the afternoon. there's the spin. that's what's left of isaac. and that rain still extends down to the south days after isaac's coming inland. we've got rain around mississippi, around alabama and coming into northern areas of georgia. if you the have some travel plans. for us today, your future weather, here we go. throughout the day, showers even
5:53 am
a few thunderstorms. especially west again for the afternoon. some wet weather expected early tomorrow morning. we stop it at 6:00 a.m. hagerstown. yet again on wednesday, heavier threat for showers and storms. your four-day forecast. 83 today for a high temperature at 85 to 86. tuesday and wednesday. finally, some dry weather on thursday and friday. mike? >> toss to angie. >> thank you, veronica. things are good on the interstates. no serious problems on the inner loop or outer loop. hov restrictions lifted for the holiday holiday with the exception of route 50 in maryland. let's take a look at the problem in jessup right now. wo waterloo road is shut down. looking good right now on the beltway in prince george's county. live look here at 214. two new orleans serious problems there. looking good on route 50 in maryland. mass transit, labor day holiday means metro rail, metro bus
5:54 am
running on a sunday schedule. no marc rail or vre service today. well, you can blame hurricane isaac for taking a bite out of our supply of jumbo crab. many restaurants say there's a shortage of jumbo and large crabs right now. isaac damaged docks and roads along the gulf coast which disrupted the supply of crabs to our area. usually crabs are harvested in maryland but local waters have produced mostly medium size crabs this year. oil rigs are starting to reopen but pumping little oil out of the area. the bureau of safety and environmental enforcement says 71% of the gulf of mexico's daily oil production is still off line. as of yesterday, around 20% of production platforms are still empty because of the storm. companies in the gulf say it usually takes a few days to fully restore production. slowdown of oil production is probably wreak a havoc on your wall wallet. gas prices hit a record high for labor day around the country. seth lemon joins us live in
5:55 am
bethesda for more at the pain at the pump. >> reporter: last holiday of the summer season. if you head to the pump today you're going to notice a difference. these are the highest gas prices ever for a labor day weekend. here in bethesda, maryland, the prices are well above $4 a gallon. and that's due in part to hurricane isaac. drivers hit the road in large numbers this weekend. aaa estimates that about 23 million people travel by car. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is about $3.85 a gallon. the previous record set in 2008 was almost 20 cents less. drivers paid $3.68 a gallon then. there's a bit of good news, though. the prices are expected to drop by the end of september when the summer travel season dies down. so there's a little bit of hope for you this morning. reporting live in bethesda, maryland, seth lemon, news4. a new report says more people are keeping their cars longer to save money. the key to keep your car running
5:56 am
to 200,000 mile mark is routine maintenance and following the manufacturer's recommendations. if something needs to be replaced, experts recommend using only parts made or approved by the manufacturer. >> the longer you hold on to 150, 200,000 miles, you would save a tremendous amount of money versus buying a car every five years. >> the payoff can be lucrative up to $30,000 can be saved making the existing cargo the distance. the labor day -- or this labor day, i should say, retailers are offering deep discounts on everything from school supplies to fall clothing. labor day weekend sales offer the steepest online discounts for clothing, shoes, and accessory mark downforce more than 150 stores. the holiday discounts average 48%. just think about this. they were 42% for black friday. it's also a great time to pick up summer merchandise on huge
5:57 am
mark downs like patio furniture and grills. >> i guess i know where you will be this afternoon. >> cha-ching. the white house is now offering you a taste of what it's like to be president, literally. >> over the weekend, it released the recipe for two homemade beers including one believed to be the first ever brewed on white house grounds. white house press secretary jay carney announced the recipe on twitter with a link of to a blog post itled ale to the chief. the recipe for the white house honey brown ale include light malt extract, amber crystal malt, and honey. the white house says the president paid for the beer making materials himself. and good luck actually replicating it because -- the reese pcipe, right. >> because the honey comes from the bees on the white house lawn. first bee hive. >> they don't sell that honey, do they? >> not that i know of. ahead, the the democratic national convention has not started yet. why some people who live in
5:58 am
louisiana are wondering if the levees worked too well.
5:59 am
finishing touches. this morning nk is in place for the democratic national convention. why local delegates better pack thei


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